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Cross stitching

Sorry I've been so lax with the blog. Mr. Fine has been converting my old blog entries from Drupal into Squarespace. I starting reading some of them, and man. I remember hardly any of it. If you want to go back and read some, the entries are under the heading "Old journal."

I find myself unemployed and with a limited amount of funds to use. What's one of the cheapest crafts out there to do? Cross stitch! So I've been cross stitching like crazy lately. Some of my time has been spent working on unfinished projects, and some time has been spent on doing these little sampler dealies from Wee Little Stitches.


I love these little guys. They're fast, geeky and oddly satisfying. They also make great gifts. (Click to make pictures bigger.)







My friend Jennifer gets Buffy and the Scoobies, and Mike gets the IT Crowd to put on his cubicle wall. I couldn't decide which one to do next...Star Trek TNG? One of the Star Wars ones? Firefly? Dr. Horrible? That decision was made for me, as I am going to re-do the IT Crowd one for a barter.




This post was not sponsored by anyone. It was done out of the geekiness of my little fangirl heart.

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