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This weekend was the Southwest Book Fiesta. It's a new event to Albuquerque, and it took place at the Albuquerque Convention Center. It's like a book convention. There were author presentations and a big room filled with tables full of books and authors and swag. There was a bar thing in the middle (mixed drinks! wine! beer!) and a snack bar that had soft pretzels, navajo tacos and sodas. Book geek paradise.

It wasn't super well publicized...the only reason Mike and I heard about it was a posting on the Bubonicon blog. On Friday, the convention center was like a wasteland. We figured it was since Friday is a work day. Surely attendance will pick up on Saturday!

Um, not really. Even on Saturday, the panels we attended had anywhere between 3 and 7 people in the audience. Some of the panels were a little weird, but most were really informative! I guess for blogs you're supposed to update it on a frequent basis. And let your reader base know when you're going to update. And write about something you're interested in.

Well crap. I'm doing it all wrong. I don't have one thing I'm interested in, and I update sporadically if at all. And...10 years later! Alright guys, I'm gonna give this a shot. Let's start this again. Once more, with feeling!


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