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Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

In an attempt to get more knitting done, I have finished the last book we own in the NJO series. That doesn't mean that I'm out of things to read...I still have the Han Solo Trilogy, the Blackfleet Crisis Trilogy, and the Bounty Hunter Wars. Plus, I'm bidding on Ebay for the last five books in the New Jedi Order series. It's all Mike's fault. It's Mike's fault I'm not getting any knitting done, because he wanted the books, and then he MADE me read them. My yarn stash is growing and my projects aren't getting finished because Mike said that I should read about Han Solo. And he still enables my yarn purchasing. Granted, I don't mind having all these things to do, it's better than being bored, but I want to do all of them at once! Especially because I can only do one thing at a time during the semester!

Oh well. I'll just have to put poor Han down every once in a while to pick up my knitting. Meanwhile, in finished objects... I blocked Mirka's "Coronet" from the Winter 2003 issue of Knitty, I'm almost done with Kat's socks, and I finished the band on my mom's "Coronet." Every princess needs to keep her head warm. I love doing the cable, it goes by so fast. I finished my sister's Kittyville hat, and with all this finishing I feel the need to start more things!!

Han, you're great, but I'm sorry, the fiber calls. And screams and hoots and hollers. I barely have time to take a shower during the day! (I feel so spoiled!!)

The question is...