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Coolness by virtue of color

I don't like acrylic yarns so much; they generally wield stiff, plasticky feeling knitted (and crocheted) items. I found a really pretty vareigated yarn at WalMart, made by Caron...any self respecting crayon lover would buy this yarn.


I practiced crocheting with it, but promptly ended up with a brightly colored board. And since I'm trying to use up the yarn that I already have, I figured everyday super washable fingerless gloves would be fun. And Caron isn't bad for an acrylic, it actually feels kind of soft. I got two books in the mail today: Hip to Crochet and Spin It.: Making Yarn from Scratch. Hip to Crochet has some cool patterns in it using some nice yarns, epecially a mohair scarf and a pretty cool afghan. Spin It is really neat; I can't wait to get some roving and try making my own yarn. Moon Spinners (a new coffee shop in Lemitar) would be very happy to host a knitting/fiber arts circle. I'm going to check out the place the weekend and then probably get busy on my "advertising" campaign. I'm so excited! I think this would be a fun way to break up the week into smaller parts by adding something new to look forward to.

Do you knit or do you crochet?

The question is...