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Arrrr, mateys!

Sorry no post for so long...I got phunky. But, I got my Zoloft dosage changed (yay Zoloft!) so I should be picking up in the next few days.
Mike bought me two crafty books (what a sweetheart!) that will get me into lots of trouble. Okay, that already got me into trouble. I've been thinking about alternatives to yarn lately. I crocheted with WalMart bags cut into strips (don't ask me if the cat ate one, I feel bad enough about that already) and I was thinking of rag rugs. But nooo...now I have to think about even more alternatives!! While I was waiting to get my prescription filled (it took waay too long) I walked around the entire Walmart, looking for things to knit or crochet. Weed wacker line? Too stiff. Kite string? Too small. Fishing line? Ow. Laundry line? Eh. Polypropylene rope? Too yellow. It's a good thing they didn't have climber's rope...I would have bought some of that. 

I found some pretty gimp though. I am too trendy for my own good. Ribbon and gimp scarves aren't going to be in for another 5 years in Socorro. I mean, girls here are finally starting to wear furry ones! 

I was in Walmart so long, I talked myself out of and back into this. (Al my white socks ran for cover when I walked in the house.) Mike said I could buy a little sumthin' sumthin', and in concrete pants land*, that means CRAFTY STUFF!! 

Wanna see what I got in for my knitting class? 

Peace Fleece!! WOOO!! I have never seen prettier yarn. I got so much booty today, I feel like a pirate. 

*concrete pants are what us chemically defunct people get. My mom's name for it is concrete pants, though I always thought of it as the heavy, dark blanket of doom.

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