These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

Happiness is...

...coming home from picking up your mom and sister from the airport, and finding that the FedEx delivery person left a brand new spinning wheel on your porch. (Thanks Dad!!) 

...your cat posing perfectly next to the spinning wheel while you're standing on the bed, trying to get a good picture.

...finding out that your sister has applied for a job where you live. 

...sneaking peanut butter oreos (yumm!!) past your mom for breakfast and spinning wheel assembly on your bed. (my sister and I are 22 and 24 respectively, but sneaking cookies past my mom will never get old.)

...going shopping all day in Albuquerque, and having ice cream from Coldstone Creamery for dinner. 

...trying to convince your mom that she needs a watermelon ensemble, complete with a melon print bra (giggle!), and then finding her a little $5 purse shaped like a watermelon to remind her of the day. 

...spoiling the crap out of your family. With green chile. 

...Sonic creamslushes. 

...making jokes at a DWI checkpoint on the way to Sonic. Did you know DWI does not stand for driving while intoxicated, or even driving with an indian, but instead driving with the in-laws?

...graduation presents, even though you didn't graduate. I got the best, awesomest stack of fuzzy posters...a geometric one, and 4 Star Wars ones. Woo hoo!! And a spinning wheel!!! A stuffed Kermit the Frog, and a Miss Piggy that looks like she scalped a Barbie doll and is wearing it as a wig. Knitting stuff! A Mary Kay Microdermabrasion kit! Look ma, smaller pores!

...my sister's fajitas and massages. 

...finding Star Wars print fabric. Now I'm going to have a new knitting bag for taking a project to the opening night of Return of the Sith. 

...wearing blue mascara.

...going to the store to buy liquor with your mom. 

...making burping and farting noises while the house your Fiber Arts group is meeting at is being shown to potential buyers. (No Dolores, you can't go back to Ohio.) We were giggling like mad.

You spin me right round baby