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It's been one week

This is the progression of my spinning (over one week), left to right. The yellow yarn wrapped around the green/blue is Peace Fleece, and the pink stripe in the browns is a piece of Cascade 220 (for reference). The bright blues and greens are koolaid, as is the pink/purple mix to the right of it. The browns are (in order) llama, alpaca, and alpaca/tussah silk overdyed grey. The three in the middle were attempts at Navajo plying, which I think is mondo fun, but I have a bit of technique to work out on. I took my first spinning class last week, in which the teacher discouraged the crap out of me. She's a purist and perfectionist....where's the fun? So no more spinning class for now, it's money I could be using on fiber. 


And yes, I have been knitting. Here is my progress on Rogue. I ripped out the sleeve swatch I made, because it was too tight. 


And here are Mike's monster socks. Opal sock yarn is a blast, but a little less than half way through the skein it puked up the inside. Knots galore! I hate that. 

Here's a picture of a cardigan I'm working on with my cursed alpaca from Elann. I bought it with the intention of making it into a Rogue, and four or five patterns later, I've finally found something to do with it. There's no over view, as it's a basic cardie with seed stitch bands. I bought these buttons this weekend at the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta. Here's a shot upclose of the buttons. 

Thank goodness for epic poems. Beowulf is being turned into a movie. Guess who's Beowulf? Yup. It's Gerard Butler. I bought the Phantom soundtrack (extended) on Saturday, and that's all I've been listening to for two days. It's going to be my official spinning music now. 

bangity bang bang bang

You spin me right round baby