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Super cool

Mike and I are catching up on episodes of Deep Space Nine. I think we're on Season 5, Disc 4. The episodes just get cooler and cooler. On disc 4 was the Magnificent Ferengi, where a team of Ferengi go and rescue Moogie, who has been taken captive by a Jem'Hadar ship. They went through the whole Magnificent Seven routine. It was reat. Now, we're watcing One Small Ship, where O'Brien, Bashir and Dax are all miniaturized and have to save the Defiant from a Jem'Hadar boarding party. Watching the teeny litle shuttle craft whooshing around engineering and hitting the buttons on the door to get it open. Mike and I made jokes about tiny quantum torpedoes...like little explosive bullets, or grenades. A little remote control shuttle craft. I'd pay good money for something like that. 

I was at the florist buying flowers for a friend that gave her Senior design presentation. There was a big plastic ficus (one of my favorite trees) and I noticed how plasticy it looked I looked at the op, and it looked like the top branches were cut off and tinier ones were glued to the ends of the branches. I stood there, thinking of the other, real ficuses (fici?) and I realized the species of this one was fakus. 

We had dinner at a mexican restaurant tonight. I had carne adovada, nice and spicy. Mike told me beans were invented for cooling down hot stuff. 

Oh, and if anyone says anything to me about the G-word, I'll cut them in half with a bat'leth. Like this.

Or with a lightsaber. I know how they work now, you know.