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You know you're going crazy when...

You go to Burger King to get those Super D Star Wars toys so many times you consider buying the complete set off Ebay so you don't have to eat the food anymore. 

You go to three stores in town looking for M&M minis so they'll go in your new M&M Star Wars dispensers. And turning on the air conditioner just so they won't melt. Yoda "force flings" M&M's. The clone tropper is a really lousy stamp. 

You buy two generic Barbies so that you can make an authentic Boba Fett graduation cake, complete with Wookie Scalps. 

And here's a picture of the last family graduate:

And yes, he does have week one of the Burger King Star Wars toys, thanks to Dad. Nanny nanny boo boo!! (I'm so proud!)

Dedicated to all the women in my family

bangity bang bang bang