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Keepin' on keepin' on

Yes, I'm still here....doing pretty good, really, just very very busy. Four babies being born and three weddings to go to that all need beautifully hand made gifts. I'm getting all into the quilting. I feel like I'm cheating on my knitting. I'm being a very VERY good girl, and knitting AND quilting from my stash. I haven't purchased yarn since December, not counting the stuff from my knitting class. And I am knitting a little bit...I got to the part on my Rogue to the part where I split for the front and back. And now I'm drooling over yarn on Elann for a Mariah. I've also had the substituting jobs pouring in. Which is excellent, so I can afford wedding presents and transportation to and from. And I can also buy some awesome stuff for my secret pal. We went to a really awesome and really me store this weekend to buy awesome stuff that I can't tell you about because it would give me away. I'll buy some for myself and share the love later. Oh, and who knew that a bit of emotional support was something you could get from the secret pal program? My secret pal commented on my last post, and it really means a lot. Here's a picture for today...Mike brought home a really nice IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC. It's a demo model for Mike's job. I love it.


Okay, off to shower and hit the sewing machine.


Something not even hand knit socks can fix