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Gettin' buggy with it

I have heard so many times that moths are a wool stasher's worst enemy...why did no one tell me of CARPET BEETLES? Knit knit knit...oops, my yarn broke. Reattach, 12 inches later, broken again. What? Okay, just thought the yarn was crappy. Fine. My feet got cold, and so I dug my shearling slippers out from under my bed. Eeeew! What's that crawling all over them? Okay, washed them. Has a needle felted pincushion on my dresser, picked it up while cleaning, and there was a hole in the bottom, with pincusion colored dust underneath it, bugs crawling all over. That was it, okay, something else probably eats yarn. Typed it into Google...CARPET BEETLE. Crap. Got the larvae all over. Thought the stuff in my Rubbermaid container was okay...nope, found them in there too. Eating on a sock in progress! Bastards! So. All my yarn went into isolation, and I bought two more big plastic tubs. Yes, this is 99% of my edible yarn stash.


So, I'm cycling through the freezer, three days in, three days out, three days in, dead larvae. I have Mike's Manly Sweater, my Rogue, and Birch in the freezer right now. It's times like this I wish I had a chest freezer. (Lighted lid! Awesome!)

And yes, Mike was happy about his second interview, we'll find out next week, blah blah blah, my yarn! Is nothing sacred?

I've been looking at knitted and crocheted toys right now, and I found this lady. She makes some pretty cool stuff! And so I had to knit this little guy for Kat. I've taken to calling him Joey, cuz Tribbiani the Trilobite is just too cute to pass up. To read more about our three lobed, extinct friend, here's Wikipedia's entry for Trilobites. Quite anatomically correct, dontcha think? (He's about 2 inches long.)


Still waiting? Or waiting again?

Honey I'm gonna make it out alive