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Gainfully temporarily employed-aly

Mike found me a temp job...which means I can work a 40 hour week and stop obsessing. About work, anyways. We'll hear about the job with the engineering company I interviewed with sometime in the next two weeks. If I get the job, I can leave this one ('cuz it's temp!) at the end of the year, and if I don't get it, I can stay with it for as long as I'd like. It's doing data entry, and it pays piddles, but piddles is more than I'd get at most places. Plus, I get my own cubical! Wooo! And Mike and I work in the same building, so we drive to work together and drive home together. I get to see people during the day, and I'm not constantly worried about paying the bills. (Gas bill will be cheaper too, since I'm not home during the day and we can keep the heater thermostat lower.) So this is a VERY GOOD THING. Plus, my Doozers came in, so I don't have to worry about Red starving, and my brother sent me season 1 of Fraggle Rock, so Red will have something to do during the day, too.

I think I've been licking self adhesive manila envelopes (the big ones). And I got a giant paper cut on my upper lip. Ouch!



Fraggle food