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JR & Monica's wedding quilt

My secret project is done! And now I can tell everyone what it was! And show it off! When this posts, I will be in Texas, at a bridal shower. Since we (Ben, Kathleen, Mike and I) will be flying back to Texas for the wedding, with full bridesmaid regalia in tow, we decided to bring it and gift it this weekend. They're not opening presents until after the honeymoon, and we want to be there when they open ours. Ta da!

black, white, and red all over

This quilt was a cooperative adventure. I made half the blocks, and Kathleen made half the blocks. She's never made a quilt before, so I ended up doing the rest of it. We were aiming for queen size when we put all the blocks together. We got Paul Bunyan size. After scraping off a row and a column, adding a border and making it square several times, we had a quilt sandwich. I then pinned it together with safety pins, so that the sandwich wouldn't slide around while I was quilting it. It used 4 gross of safety pins.

Speaking of quilting it, I machine quilted it using a regular sized sewing machine. The quilting was stitch in the ditch along the diagonals, so I would sew for an inch, rotate 90 degrees, sew an inch, rotate, et cetera. With a king sized quilt. Thank goodness I had my friend (and craft store owner) Bobbie to let me use her tables, her brain and one of her sewing machines. I think I would have cried otherwise. That quilt would not have fit in my house while I was quilting it. I almost cried when I did the binding, because I used monofilament. It's practically invisible, so it looks really nice. But I could barely see it when I was sewing with it.

But, I got it done Tuesday night, and Kathleen and I tried it out with a test snuggle.
I can't wait to see the look on her face. JR's too.


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