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Wedding PARTY!

I went to the most perfect wedding this weekend. And not just because two very near and dear friends got married, either. Everything just felt right. Monica (the bride) was cool as a cucumber all day. No freakouts, no snapping, no crying, just happy and excited. And that's pretty much how it was all the way until the wedding, where the bride and groom kept cycling from being so happy they were trying not to laugh, and being so happy they were trying not to cry. During the wedding, the universe was so calm, serene, like there was nothing but this wedding.

The photographer was great, not bossy or pushy or anything. She knew what she was doing, and she was so polite. Besides the clicking and occasional flash, you wouldn't have known she was there. And you know what? I didn't feel self concious at all. Such a feel good wedding. It was at Heather's Glen , and yes, it looks just like the pictures in person. Everything was on time, perfectly done, and it flowed. It was so beautiful and elegant, yet it wasn't stuffy. It really was indescribable. I really can't do it justice, in words or with pictures. Thank goodness for the excellent photographer, and Ben, who took the most awesome pictures and let me nab one.


I was so nervous leading up to this wedding, afraid I would do somthing to muck it up, like my hair standing on end and refusing to do anything, tripping down the aisle, having awful fingernails, a streaky tan, or sweating so much that my makeup slid off my face. It made me pretty cranky a couple of days. But once I was there, and as it was happening, it was just great. I can't wait to see the professional pictures.

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