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Geeking out

We had a very busy weekend.

geek face

That's the geek face that I was trying not to have when I had my pic taken with the Yarnharlot. It doesn't show up on camera very often, but now that I see it, hey, it doesn't look as geeky as it feels. Yes, boys and girls, this weekend was Bubonicon 38. Highlights (in chronological order) were: Dr. Penny's spacey cave talk. Honestly, this is the kind of person I apsire to be. She is so cool, and thoughtful, and easy to talk to. Not to mention bloody smart, charismatic, and National Geographic film worthy. Wow, she has her own IMDB page. Just type her name into Google. One more fun Penny link. Cool pieces of trivia...she calls me Penny Jr., and signs her email as Penny Sr. I gave her a Martian bacteria that got to meet James Cameron. (Yes, that James Cameron.) Oh. Not to mention..., when she's not traveling the world, she makes bobbin lace and knits. Sometimes, the similarities get a little weird. But I love it.

I forgot about this... He would look good on my back at Bubonicon 39. And whatever cons in the Pacific NW that Egypt and Jessi can talk us into.

I handed off several months...maybe even a a year's worthwork of hand work to have it finished, and almost passed out. Good thing there was a Boba Tea Company down the way. Quick! Let's distract her with great big tapioca pearls! Macro is fun!

We bought books. Buffy books. Like we needed more Buffy in our lives. (We're going to start on Season 5 of Angel tonight, and so we really do need more Buffy. That's the last season! Boo hoo!) Nancy Holder signed this one for me. Coolest autograph I've seen. I've only had Riders in the Sky sign something for me up until this year, and in under a month, I have four more.

I won the Science Fiction Spelling Bee. For the win, I spelled xenology, and beat the pants off of a 10 year old girl. Don't worry, we beat the three guys that we in it before I beat her. Go girls! I got to pick a book for the prize...


And then I went down stairs as fast as I could, since there were 10 minutes left to the mass autographing session. When we were heading to the main room to find Walter Jon Williams, Mike spotted him at the bar. I walked up to him, waited for him to finish his conversation with Ben Bova, and told him he wasn't off the hook yet, there was still 10 minutes left to the autographing session. And he was super nice and signed my book. And yes, Walter Jon Williams writes Star Wars books. *geek!!*

We went to go see an artist slide show for David B. Mattingly. And subsequently got sucked into a new series of books. Honor Harrington. And you can bet your bippy we bought the first book Saturday night, and I will be buying one of his 3D depth prints. Make no mistake, this guy is talented.

Oh! I bought an art print at the art show. It's a 5x7 pretty teal dragon by Theresa Mathers. It has been put in the spot of honor, right above the toilet. You know, to distract guys so they don't look at the floor behind the toilet, because I don't like cleaning it. Oh no. She has an EBay store. And a David Mattingly print? That would not go above the toilet. I've heard about how time consuming it is to make one of his prints.

We saw Snakes on a Plane on Saturday night. Don't know what I was expecting, but if you're even vaguely scared of snakes, don't watch it. I had nightmares about snakes coming out of toilets and port-a-potties and biting my butt, and that movie did not help. I actually knocked my glasses off my face once, and covered my eyes or looked away a couple of times.

Holding back the tide