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What I aspire to

You might be a soap addict if...

You disdain any soap you didn't make yourself.
You have more fragrance oils than you do spices.
The fridge is full of vegetable oils to be used for soapmaking.
You use the stockpot to make soap.
You have more "soap" utensils than you do "cooking" ones!
You own a stick blender, and use it.
You keep coconut oil in the freezer.
Your mate has learned NOT to taste that interesting stuff in the casserole dish!
You get excited when lye goes on sale.
You've bought olive oil in the one gallon container.
You're on a first-name basis with the UPS guy.
Your house always smells like you've swiped the inventory from "The Body Shop".
You give your local UPS and USPS delivery people hernias from delivery vats and vats of M&P base.
You know the names of the Customer Service reps at those companies and they know you.
You immediately jump to this thread to find out how addicted you are.
You carry free samples of soap in your purse, your briefcase and your car, just in case.
You try writing off your "work cupboard" as a home business tax expense.
You denude your lavender bushes before they're ready so that your lavender soap looks right.
Your husband trips over all of the plastic soap molds hastily stacked in the kitchen.
Kitchen? what kitchen? YOU have a test laboratory.
You know the difference between M&P and CP.
You don't have friends or family, you have test markets.
You view bath salts as an economical way to create room deodorizers. (My sister has a test bag of bath salts
smelling up her car right now, and she told me I should make car air fresheners.)
You see products in stores and recognizewhich companies sold the molds.
The UPS guy rolls his eyes every time he lugs a box to your house.

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