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Catching up, dental and otherwise

Now that Mike and I are both productive members of society, we decided we should go to the dentist. I knew I had some stuff that needed to be taken care of, and Mr. Perfect Teeth should go for a cleaning at least. After an hour each of cutting edge dental technology and actually being shown what was wrong with our teeth and how we could fix it, we are now looking at paying for 2 crowns (1 for sure, 1 maybe), 10 cavities, and 7 wisdom teeth. A lot of money, even after insurance.

I need to gloat a bit, Mr. Perfect Teeth has 7 cavities and 3 wisdom teeth. I'd feel really crappy if he had nothing, and I had my 10 years late crown and its jealous neighbor. All my other fillings are deteriorating, and those will eventually need to be replaced too. And I'm very jealous Mike is more evolutionarily advanced than me, having 3 wisdom teeth instead of four. (Cavemen used to have two sets. Two sets! That's eight wisdom teeth! Can you imagine having eight impacted teeth? Ooooowww!)

It used to be that we never made appointments (besides cleaning) for going to the dentist until something hurt...this time, I was proactive, but my mouth decided to play catch up and hurt all weekend. Plus, ever since I made the appointment, I've been having nightmares about all my teeth falling out. Not just falling out, more like breaking apart into millions of tiny pieces and I have to spit the bits out.

So tomorrow I get to go sit in a dentist chair for two hours, and I can't knit. But maybe I'll be able to sleep soon. After I'm no longer concerned the temporary crown is going to fall off. How many shots of tequila do you think I can get away with before going to the dentist?

In promotion of happy dental health, I bring you a happy picture from this weekend:

happy teeth!

After a great anniversary party (Happy anniversary, Egypt and Jessi! 5 whole years!) with really good food, we played a round of pinochle, the first game any of us has played in about a year. And we remembered how! Girls started 700 points behind, and won with 70 points more than the guys. Then, we all shared the two sink bathroom to brush our teeth, "to keep us from getting uppity," as Egypt so eloquently put it. I know I would get lonely if we had more than one bathroom sink in our house...it would take out the element of risk, for sure. You could get toothpaste gook on you at any time! The suspense! :) I like living on the edge!

It's all down hill from here

Happy Universal Day of the Jedi!