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Cheapness is the mother of my crafty slant

I’m trying something new.

I’ve been eyeing up those GoKnit pouches, but I refuse to shell out $18 for one. Especially since I can make pretty neat stuff myself. So I logiced out how a GoKnit Pouch is made, changed as much as I could while saving the features I liked the most. And now we have…Parachute Packs!

I made a little photo collage of the ones I mad this weekend.


This is the description I used when listing them in my Etsy store.

Parachute packs are parachutes for you fiber arts! This puncture proof bag is made from ripstop nylon, parachute cord and lined with quilter’s cotton. It has a snap loop on the outside for hanging around your hand, on your belt loop or off your purse. Interior snap loop guides your yarn. Snap loops are double stitched for longevity. Bag is reversible, machine washable and water proof.

Holds a spindle and a good amount of roving, or a large ball of sock yarn (Opal or Austermann sized) plus project. Very versatile. Would be great for camping or climbing as well.

I wish I had one of these for holding my colored pencils etc. when I was doing field mapping!

This is new and strange.