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Cupcakes cupcakes cupcakes

I'm not being horribly exciting lately, being mostly book ravenous, trying to catch up on embroidery, and making soap. But, I have a couple of cupcake things to show you.

I made some refridgerator magnets out of felt:

I made chocolate cupcakes with purple cream cheese frosting for Meiko. We ate these outside of the theater before watching Indiana Jones 4:

Also, I found some cupcake nail decals at the store:

Last but not least, I swore I never would but I did it about an hour ago....I BOUGHT CROCS. At first I was telling myself they're just for making soap (so I can wash them off if I spill something on them, also easy off for going into the house...I got the orange bistro style ones, no holes on top and non slip bottoms) but them I ordered a second pair, lavender ones with holes. Because they were on sale? Partly. Because they have holes, and I can put things like cute cupcake charms in them? Definitely. Am I going to wear these outside the house? Probably.

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