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Tonight we were supposed to start moving into our new house. Well, between the mechanic having it for 9 HOURS and not being able to LOOK at it, and the house's previous owner not leaving yet...when we were supposed to be buying new stuff for the house (curtains, a table and chairs) we will be sitting at home. Stuck. Because I hate asking for rides, and it has taken 2 to get to work and back today. And will necessitate one more ride tomorrow morning (please, oh please fix the car before 6 pm tomorrow!) We were going to look on the sunny side and take the person giving us the ride tonight to see the house (gorgeous tile. You'll be so jealous when you see it) but since the movers had issues, well, there is still stuff and people and four dogs there.

And I don't have any salsa or chocolate at home. Tonight I was going to try the dishwasher! Maybe the washing machine! Possibly both! how excited am I to move? I figured out which things we were going to move what days. I preemptively cleaned the oven and other awful to clean things in the apartment, so we don't have to do it this weekend.

Being patient is so hard sometimes.

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