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Being Montana-sick after just buying a house

What happens when you combine an excellent food blog (quote "What's the opposite of butter? Sadness?), selling your spare washing machine, and a homesick girl? A bread machine and *cough 30 cough* pounds of Wheat Montana flour.


I started a loaf on delay last night before we went to bed, and I was woken up by the most wonderful wonderful smell. 40 minutes till I can go home and have another piece....what is the flour resting on, you ask? One of two recliners we bought from Jennifer's parents! No more sitting on the futon mattress! Yay!

We did our first project on the house last weekend. The icemaker/water dispenser on the fridge was not hooked up. After talking to our home improvement consultant, Mr. Internet, we bought an icemaker hookup kit and a t pipe fitting. Because there was no way in hell I was going to use a self piercing saddle valve. Nuh uh. Those things get leaky leaky, because you put a hole in your water pipe! We also bought a cordless
hand drill/screwdriver.


After drilling one hole through the cabinets each (because drilling is fun!) we fed the tube behind the stove and through the cabinets. We hooked up the water, turned it on, and turned it back off again. Leaky. So we tightened everything as tight as we could get it, and went to bed. Another trip to the hardware store in the morning, and about another hour or wrenching, and yay! Water in the fridge door! And....really nasty smelling ice. Guess who wants so start doing wood working? Also known as making the rest of our furniture. Bwah ha ha!

(Sorry hunny!) (Just to show how grown up we are, we likened putting pipe fittings together to playing with Legos. We're not very familiar with house repair stuff, can you tell?)

We're all out of the apartment. There was a moment of frustration when taking apart the desk when someone lamented "I want to go home!" but other than that things are great. That someone is also very excited to make our first mortgage payment.


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