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*tap tap* Is this thing on?

We're closing on the house on Friday. I can't wait, cuz the sooner it's done, the sooner my stomach will stop hurting. I *hate* having a nervous stomach. Especially since I'm such a worry wart.

Speaking of stomachs...what helps more than a nap? The next best thing is looking at food on the internet! I started a Bento Artists group on Ravelry. We already have 23 members! So cool! My bento preoccupation has turned the corner...it's now an obsession! How big is that? I'm making more stuff to sell in my store for the sole purpose of buying bento stuff from Japan. More parachute packs in my Etsy store! Get them while you can, cuz I'm not making more until we're settled in the new house!) And, I'm looking at websites for more ideas. Websites like this: E-Obento. It's entirely in Japanese, but just to look....here's an idea. Those are sardine legs.


At least, I think they're sardines...I can't read the accompanying text, so I have not clue. Here's my other favorite:


One question...how are they going to close the lid?

Never a dull fracking moment

I think I picked the wrong major