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My bentos, let me show you them

I am not a trendsetter by any means. But I am an enabler. I will show you cute things, and you may want them. My bento obsession is starting to be contagious. Here are pictures of the lunches I've done, and here is a link to the boxes and goodies I own. I showed Kat a bunch of my bento stuff, and pictures online that are wicked cool...guess who has a bento box? We're flying to Houston to Monica's baby shower late October, and I figured there had to be the best bento shopping I've ever had there (since all my shopping is online, it's not hard to surpass that) and so I started asking around (online!) to see where are the best places to shop. I got a list from a girl on Flickr (I LOVE FLICKR, don't even get me started on Flickr praise) and emailed that to Monica to see if we could maybe go shopping in some of those places. Well, it turns out, the company Monica works for is located IN LITTLE ASIA, so all of the places except for one (probably the Sanrio store) are within 5 minutes of where she works. Oh yeah. I think I might need to bring a second suitcase. I got my second package from my One Skein No Sheep Swap pal...the July one. It took an extra 10 days to get here since it had to be forwarded from the last house. My spoiler was Annie, from mistressannie.livejournal.com! She sent some awesome Mulberry Silk from Laines du Nord. [img_assist|nid=120|title=|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=500|height=455]
Thank you Annie!

There are no words for this much joy, just lots of noises