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Learning curve

The soap poll results: cinnamon pumpkin swirl soap tied with cucumber soap, 4 votes each. Oatmeal soap got 1 vote. So Saturday, I started with the cinnamon swirl and oatmeal soaps so I wouldn't have to go to the store to get cucumbers. Bad soap day. 2 batches, both went horribly wrong. From trying new things. The goat's milk, honey and oatmeal one....well, you're not supposed to insulate it since it can get too hot from the honey. It separated quite well, and there was a nice oily core for the top third of the soap log. Also, it was my first time using a PVC mold, so that could be part of it. Or....the top was the only part not insulated as well as the rest.

The cinnamon swirl pumpkin soap...well...I did it to light trace, and then mixed powdered pumpkin and cinnamon (dissolved in oil) and poured the soap and tried the swirly thing. I think there was either too much extra oil, or it was not saponified enough. Or both. It had oil pooled on the top and around the sides.

I never showed or reported on the second and third soaps....coconut and mango sorbet. Both got a bit extra thick with the fragrance oil (almost seized, but just really thick and kinda grainy). Both turned out okay. Blue was too thick to marble, and it turned purple. Wrong kind of colorant.






Last week on Monday, I killed 2 monitors in about 4 hours. The one at home and the one at work. The one at home did not work at all, and the one at work turns everything funny colors, it has wiggly lines, and it's dark. It was such a bad day, I slipped and fell....on my way down I accidentally entered my credit card information into the computer and bought 7 new bottles of nail polish. (They were only $2/apiece, so I didn't hit my head that hard.) Pretty colors. I seem to be missing the pictures for Bali Mist and Mystery. I'll add those later.

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