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Real soap

I made my first soap this weekend! It's lemon lavender--made from palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil. It's my very own made-up recipe. I stirred it for an hour trying to get to trace, called Mike and asked him to pick me up a stick blender on his way home. I went in to use the blender, and it had already gotten pretty thick...but not to trace yet. So I blended it for something like 30 seconds before it was ready to pour. I made a small batch (2 lb, I think) and it filled a 2 qt orange juice box half way.

I let it harden for 24 hours before cutting it. Smells pretty good! The only thing that's annoying about making real soap is that you have to wait at the very least 4 weeks for it to cure. If this doesn't teach me patience, nothing will. I'm doing only small batches for now, for practice and because I don't have $$ to shell out for a proper postal scale. And I need to set up my soap counter in the garage. I can't wait to make more so I can wait for it to cure too!

I've also started my garden....little plants growing in peat pots. Here's a link to pictures...nothing horribly exciting yet, but I'm proud of them!

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