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Just another orange weekend

We had a couple of choices for the weekend: go to Costco and spend too much money there on stuff we don't need and spend money on gas, or, spend (less) money on paint and feel better about the house. Paint won, thank goodness. I've been dying to paint this house since before we moved in. We picked a satin finish to go with the texture of the walls. It looks great! Juicy orange in the dining room and Straw in the kitchen. We didn't get the kitchen painted all the way, we're planning on doing that this weekend. Mike handles the big roller and I do the detail stuff. Match made in heaven. Picture is a very good representation of the color on the walls. On my monitor, anyways.

The benefits of ordering from a store in a town one hour away: Priority mail is overnight, baby! I ordered my Crocs from Shoes On a Shoestring (most of my shoes are from there, come to think of it) and they were at the house when we returned from buying paint! We'd picked paint colors sometime in the fall for the kitchen...my orange bistro clogs were just a coincidence. My color choices were orange, black or white. I can't own white shoes, and most of my shoes are black, so orange it was. I made the Magnolia Vanilla Cupcakes on Sunday, and just had to color the buttercream orange. It's such a warm, happy color.

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