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Okay, I'm going to brag a bit. As part of my senior thesis for my TC degree, I was required to submit my finished thesis to the locally administrated journal Xchanges. Recently, people whose articles were accepted were notified...and I was one of them!

I'm pretty chuffed about the attachment that came with my acceptance letter:

"Overall, this submission is a well-organized, well thought-out essay. I think the ideas are
relevant to writing center tutors and directors, so I believe it will be well-received by
members of the academic community.

The section breaks are logical and help the reader who may be a novice to these to
concepts (technical communication and educational theory) understand how the two ideas
can inform and strengthen each other.

The visual images are effective and appropriate. And the conclusion appropriately leads
to questions for future research.

The writer has a good strong voice and obvious command of the material. The ideas are
clear – not too full of jargon, but yet show that the writer has a very clear understanding
of the two fields of study and how they can work together.

I think the overall content is worthwhile and the article would be a great addition to the
Xchanges Journal."

Hey mom! I think you should print this out and put it on your fridge!

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