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House hankerin'

Since I started my job in Albuquerque, I've been thinking about a new house. And decorating a new house. So I've started stalking various DIY and home decorating blogs. It might have a little to do with Pinterest.

And since Mike just accepted a job in Albuquerque, house hunting is closer than ever! We've visited a realtor, have a couple of improvements scheduled (yard clean up, house painting, etc.) so we can sell our current house. We've never been house shopping before...we fell in love with this house, and everything worked out nicely...but yeah. Never actively looked for a house before. So now we have to figure all kinds of things out. We've got a couple of areas scoped out, since they're close to where we work.

I figure I want a biggish kitchen, area for entertaining, and some kind of patio. So I can have big brunches once a month for all my friends. And a clothesline. Which means no HOA. Enough garage so I can make furniture would be cool too.


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