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Going our way

Everything is really going our way. What I haven't been writing about is the level of anxiety that has been accompanying it. Yes, we sold our house before it was listed, and we made a profit. Our moving time table is spot on. What I forgot about was the baggage I have from moving as a child. It didn't hit until this weekend, and now the bitch won't leave. Never mind that the circumstances are 180 degrees...and that I am in control of everything that happens. I am not a little kid, and I have nothing to worry about.

I think 11 months of commuting has finally sucker punched me. And now that I'm waking up at 5 am to commute with the fork of bacon, and don't get home until at least 6 pm...I haven't had time to do anything, much less pack, or do any of the things I like to do.

But hey, I bought a Marimekko shower curtain for the new apartment! We figure we'll be there 6 months while we look for a house. And not drive. Molly the car broke 35,500 today.

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