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Still waiting on the appraisal on the house. Can't wait to get in there! I have been mentally decorating it for weeks. I started making plans for all the fruit trees and vegetables to plant. And canning all of them! Imy first experience with canning came with ordering boxes of peaches to support the Socorro Nursery School Cooperative. Those peaches were the best peaches I have ever eaten. I ate the canned ones on everything. In an attempt to find similar peaches, I ordered some *cough 20 lbs cough* from the Fruitshare in Colorado. You know, until I can pick my own. (So excited!!) We've also joined the local LPO. 

I have plans to do rainwater collection, and grow tomatoes and all kinds of good stuff using self irrigating planters. I want to compost, and hang my clothes out to dry.


First Party