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I had a post waiting to be published since July 30? I'm such a bum.

Appraisal came back on the house, and the news is good. One week until we close, 6 days until the final walk through.

Most days I'm just trying to keep my crap together, and I'm so tired that it takes all my energy to keep regular day to day stuff together--make dinner, get to bed at a decent time, shower, etc. I was showing classic signs of depression, such as not doing anything that made me happy, like my crafty stuff.

Once I figured out what my big life stressor was (my job) and made some decisions about it. I'm on Lyrica right now (full body pain for the win!) but I'm crocheting again. Making crafty plans, too. Wanting to blog. Going for walks.

I finished 2 sashiko projects, and I have plans for more. I think I'm going to make a quilt.

I would also like to start running.