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People I want to kiss on the mouth

My new massage therapist, Twyla. She is the first woman this week I wanted to kiss on the mouth. She. Is. Awesome. I've had problems losing massage therapists before...they leave a business unexpectedly and I never thought to ask for their info. After I was finished melting off the table, I made sure to ask if I could give her my email address or something so I could always find her. I got her business card. If you ever need a recommendation in the ABQ area, let me know. She has magic hands.

Our waitress at Mario's. Poor Mike. I think I embarrassed him with all the gushing about our food. Even the iced tea was good. Pizza by the slice, they embrace green chile...I insisted that I must be part Italian, since I love the food so much. Maybe my mom had a hot one night stand with a hairy Italian man 9 months before I was born. I make my own pizza crust and marinara. When I get pregnancy cravings, I WILL crave Mario's. That food was so good, I swore I was in the Matrix and someone had programmed my food to be orgasmic. I made sure to grab a menu on the way out. That is the only restaurant I want to go to ever again.

My friend Kat. Yup, the one in the comments. She gave me the prettiest chain maille bracelet, which touched off a new chain maille obsession and the rental of a table at Bubonicon. Which had me checking out a book at the library, finding a new supplier, and dying to get my hands on some anodized aluminum.

And I want to kiss my husband on the mouth, but I get to do that on demand. Just thought I'd include him on the list just to be thorough.