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Since we've moved to Albuquerque, I've had a hard time being patient. I don't really have any reason to be patient any more. We live 20 minutes away (max) from anything I could possibly want. I don't have to rely on Amazon for my books or wait a week to watch my favorite TV show. 

We don't have to wait a year for movies to come out, wait, this is easier in list form:

  • Library wait list, if your book was even popular enough for the library to buy
  • VHS tapes of new releases from video rental stores
  • Mail
  • Visiting friends
  • Talking to friends
  • Mail orders
  • The new album from our favorite band had to be ordered from your music/book store
  • Internet downloads took forever
  • Card catalogs, encyclopedias

Now we have mail and package tracking. We have instant download books on our Kindles or other ereaders, seasons worth of old TV shows read for streaming, urgent care clinics, Google...we search for jobs on the internet, apply immediately, and get no response.

So when things like waiting to get pregnant, waiting for a phone call for an interview, waiting for spring to get here so I can plant my garden...I suck at waiting.

Kid things

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