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Justice League geekery

I have always been a big fan of Wonder Woman. I think it started as a "this is the only female super hero that has pajamas  fashioned after her" in the 80's. I grew up with Princess Leia more than Wonder Woman. But somehow, for a really long time, she has just kind of stuck with me.

I still look like this in the morning.









These last couple of weeks, Mike has started watching Justice League on Netflix. I'd seen JLA before, and I started freaking out about the JL8 comic by Yale Stewart, but I'd never watched it like I've watched Batman Beyond or Batman the Animated Series. You know the method...sit down on the couch, and two days and three seasons later you're finished? Sometimes we go the more relaxed route, where we watch one or two episodes a night on the week nights, then watch for hours on Saturday morning. (We're very much Saturday morning cartoon folks. We don't care what the cartoon is as long as we can watch one Saturday morning.) This weekend was a Justice League weekend.

When we have these crazy weekends, Mike gets as fanatical as I do. More so. He looked up the JLA TV tropes page online. And there, as well as in the JL8 comic, we discovered that the Martian Manhunter loves Oreos. Not a lot of superheroes or TV characters get favorite foods. And, by some crazy random happenstance (I think it was Strip Search's fault...we saw Gabe eating Oreos on a recent episode) I had purchased Oreos that week. I love fun little coincidences.

I got so excited that I had to purchase a new Wee Little Stitches pattern...Justice League! I'm almost finished with the Arrested Development one, I think this one will be next. Anyone else super excited that Arrested Development will be available on the 26th?


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