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Polish stash

It only took me what, six months? to find a place to put my nail polish in the new house. I have been looking for a nice way to store it for forever. I've considered buying a polish shelf, making one, and I eventually just gave up and decided to keep it in my train case.

Today, I decided to have a nice hot bath to help my legs feel better. (I've got this long standing physical pain thing that is left over from my last job. I think it's related to stress. Maybe. Feels like the flu. I HATE it.) Anyways, taking a bath, and I saw this set of shelves that has been above the toilet for the entire time we've known this house. We've lived here for nearly 8 months now. And it occurred to me that hey! My nail polish would work there! And it's high enough that it's out of the reach of our smaller guests. Woo!

Welcome to Paaaaaaax!

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