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PAX East 2014, Day 1.2

Okay! So we're breakfasted and at the convention. It was pretty overwhelming. There's a giant display screen in the front lobby, with two sets of escalators on either side of the lobby. The first thing we saw was the front desk, which was technically the Information desk/lost and found. There we found Jared, one of our old classmates from New Mexico Tech! He's been working as an enforcer (those are the volunteers at PAX) for several iterations of PAX. We traded some pins, and then we went to the merchandise booth. I needed to buy basic pins for trading (oh yeah, here comes Pinny Arcade!!), try and get the super 10th anniversary pin, buy enough merch to get the Merch pin, and 10th anniversary shirt. (The 10th anniversary pin sold out every morning before we could get to it. We ended up trading for it Sunday.)

Anyways, after merch we went to go see the the Strip Search folks in Bandland. Mikey Neumann, Kris Straub, and Scott Kurtz all had tables in that area too. We had an important errand to attend to first. My friend Kat made an amigurumi plush (designed herself and everything!) that we had to deliver. She requested that when we hand him over, that we get a picture of the four of us together.

I wish I would have video taped it. He was even tickled pink by little Skull's butt. I'm so glad we could deliver it for her! What was really cool happened next.

We ran into Jerry! 50% of Penny Arcade!  SQUEEEE!!

I don't know how it is with other people, but sometimes if I don't meet someone in real life...I dunno, they could be fake or something. Anything that I don't experience with most of my senses, I have some kind of plausible deniability. So the first thing I said to Jerry was..."OMG! You're real!" (When I get fangirly, I kind of clam up and then say really dumb stuff. I had to rely on Mike for approaching some of the internet famous people. Heaven help me if I ever meet someone legitimately movie or TV famous.)

We stopped by MC Fronatalot's booth next...I think I also made an exclamation about his reality...*sigh* Don't worry. I will end up embarrassing myself even more before the weekend is over.

PAX East, Day 1.3

PAX East 2014, Day 1