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PAX East, Day 1.3

Okay, so we rejoin our heroes with MC Frontalot. We decided to check out the Expo hall....holy crap.

It was amazing. They had video game demos, a giant VR hamster ball, booth upon booth upon booth of people selling games and shirts and swag. Lots of lines wrapping around booths for people waiting for their turn to try a game. It was very disorienting and easy to get lost. Think Geek had a booth, Fangamer, Bioware, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, NVIDIA, Bethesda, Logitech, Intel, SquareEnix, and those are just the big names. At this point, after being super overwhelmed with super celebrities, we went to the hotel attached to the convention center for lunch. It's called the Westin, and it's pretty awesome.

I saw Yuna on the escalator.

I had a lobster roll, and Mike had fish and chips. I'd only seen hot dog buns (rolls) like this in a King Arthur Flour catalog, but never in real life. Also? Really amazing balsamic vinagrette. Awesome food. And right next door. You don't even have to leave the building.


Oh, I almost forgot, I met the Rocketeer in the Expo hall. This was pretty wicked, as far as practically meeting a childhood hero. Yeah, we loved that movie.

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PAX East 2014, Day 1.2