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Hedgehog vs. Dog

Hedgehog vs. Dog

Subtitle: why a hedgehog is a better choice than a dog for Penny

1) Dogs need company/entertainment during the day. Hedgehogs sleep while I'm at work. 

2) Dogs need training.

3) Dogs need constant attention.  petting, playing, etc.

4) Dogs need you to wake up to take them outside to pee.  I sleep very poorly and don't wake up well.

5) Hedgehogs don't bark.  I have problems with patience. Ask my cat. 

6) Hedgehogs also look adorable in costumes.  

7) Hedgehogs have soft tummies.  

8) Hedgehogs like to snuggle.

9) I am allergic to dogs. And cats.  

10) I am meeting a breeder on Monday.  

ETA: meet Miss Hermione! She is coming home with me next Monday, May 23.


Project monogamy (kinda)

Project monogamy (kinda)