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Thursday night, no homework? No problem!


So, while I was on the phone talking to Karen last night, I made a sweater. This is Mr. Finger. He kindly offered to model it for me, since it's too big for the cat. Or anything else in the house, for that matter. I like the tweedy yarn. It's Rowan Felted Tweed, which I purchased to try out its feasability for the super cabled hoody. Unfortunately, it's something like DK weight and very thin when knitted up, even on size 5 needles. I love the yarn, though. I hope I can find something like it. I like the tweedy-ness. I got the pattern from Melanie Fallick's Weekend Knitting. It reminds me of a sweater we had hanging from the rearview mirror of the truck when I was in highschool. And yes, I am going to be making SO MANY MORE of these, especially since I have so many yarn scraps. And they're fast, and fun.

I'm so excited!! We're getting glass on Saturday!! Yay! No more being stuck in Socorro for us! And backing up? With ease, I tell you! Just the thought...makes me want to drive up to the Albuquerque Wyndham Airport and drink coffee for hours. And knit. And drink coffee.

**update** You should go here. Scroll down to "Bachelor of Science in Computer Science" and "Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Applied Numerical Analysis Option." Woohoo!! Mike's officially graduating!! And they're letting him have both degrees!! Yay Mike!!

I hate those silly quizilla things