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Well, the insurance company says the car is totaled... it's quite amazing how much vehicles depreciate. Fortunately, how much they'll give us is enough to finish paying it off and get new glass. So, tomorrow, it's off to fend the hungry vultures and find someone who doesn't charge an arm and a leg. And who has the right sized glass. And if it stops raining.

Speaking of totaled...today, I took off from classes and work because I needed to sleep. And knit. I got an interesting email on an account I don't use so much...turns out my past is ganging up on me. I didn't think there was anyone left in Bozeman who could tell stories, but...it looks like Karen, my brilliant grad student buddy, is my old friend Chris's TA. Chris is from Libby, MT when I went to high school there (I left in 1997). Who knew? When I found out, I laughed and laughed and then tried to call Karen. But she's such a good girl, she's out studying.

Give him hell, Karen!!

Here. This is my favorite picture. My sister took it this summer at the Albuquerque Aquarium.


Thursday night, no homework? No problem!