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Saving Middle Earth (all you need is a toothbrush!!)

Okay. I should get started before I get lost looking at Manic Panic hair colors. This entry is important. It could have saved Middle Earth.

I really like Lord of the Rings. We have the Extended Editions of Two Towers and Fellowship. And we're really looking forward to the Extended Edition of Return of the King. So, with our expanded bandwidth (1.5 Mbp!! Woo!!) Mike's been downloading movie trailers, Halo 2 trailers (wow) and BMW movies. Today, he found a preview for ROTK EE. Complete with the Mouth of Sauron.


Now, I have a theory. I had to write it down while Mike was finishing his modeling homework. If this is what the Mouth of Sauron looks like, what does the toothbrush of Sauron look like? And how good are the dentists in Mordor? I mean, if you drop your toothbrush in the Toilet of Sauron (which is probably shared with all those Orcs), you can't stroll down to the nearest OrcMart and buy one. You may have to start a war to get one. You really just can't get any good toiletries in Mordor.
Maybe if someone, like Gandalf, had used the palantir to ask if he needed something, like Visine (reduces redness!), Charmin, Herbal Essences, Mitchum deodorant (so he could skip a day, it's pretty strong) some Listerine, Colgate (now with more whitening power!) and a toothbrush, they could have avoided the war. I mean, can you imagine the Armpit of Sauron, or the Butthole of Sauron? Those places probably aren't much prettier. They could have sent in the Red Cross on a mercy mission.

So that the Mouth of Sauron isn't the only thing you see today, here is Jino sitting by my stash. She never plays in it, just sits on or near it.


I hate those silly quizilla things