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Today is Love Your Toilet Cleaner Day!!

I would like to declare today National "Love Your Toilet Cleaner Day."
No, I'm not talking about Comet, Ajax or even those little scrubbing bubbles...I'm talking about the person that hugs the toilet, not because they're hanging on for dear life, but because they're trying to get the wall and the floor BEHIND and UNDER the toilet. Cleaning the toilet is not just swishing a brush around on the inside and flushing. That's like saying doing the dishes is filling up a sink full of hot water and soap.
So, take the time to tell your toilet cleaner "Thanks a bunch." Leave them a quarter, or better yet, a dollar, a gift certificate for a massage, roses, or plane tickets to the Carribean on the lid of the toilet.

When I next update this page, my hair will be blonde. Stay tuned. In the mean time, you can read about toilets of the world, or visit the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets. I personally like the no slip foot grips on the squatter toilets. How thoughtful!! The toilet disguised as a book case is awesome too!!


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