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Acrylics Guild

I went to the local "craft store" yesterday, and asked the owner about carrying natural fibers. There is the obligatory wall o' acrylic, a scarce amount of knitting notions, and quilting stuff galore. But not a bit of wool to be found. She said she can't sell it. I'd rather purchase locally (so I don't have to pay shipping) and to support local businesses, cuz I'm nice like that. And I'd rather have instant purchase gratification.

Now, "I can't sell it" is a really funny comment, because there's a Fiber Arts Guild in town. I signed up to go to one of their classes in November. (I get to see a real live spinning wheel, and use one!! be still my heart!!) Why, on earth, would there be a Fiber Arts guild in town and she couldn't sell wool? Did I pay $5 to learn how to spin acrylic? Is this a town full of grannies that make acrylic afghans, not because they're more washable, but because they LIKE it? Unfortunately, that's probably not the case, as we're a third world state, and not very many people can afford luxuries like Caron or Lionbrand. We're staying here? A couple more years? What am I getting myself into??

In other news, 49'ers is this weekend. Wanna know how I can tell? Besides being fervently in favor of an academic holiday tomorrow, there are sexual innuendos written all over the campus in sidewalk chalk. Besides the "Push a Little Deeper" theme, stupid lines like "cum to 49'ers" is NOT effective advertisement. I think most of us are beyond the seventeen year old mentality. It really put me in a bad mood when I went to check the mail. Other quotes included "drink midterms away" and some VERY inappropriate others. It's no wonder most upperclassmen don't go to 49'ers anymore. It's not in the spirit of the 49'ers that existed when I got here. And I think it's starting to get dangerous. It's already vile.

Can you tell, I'm in a bad mood--mostly because my Vogue Knitting magazine hasn't come in yet. And I'm hungry, and not knitting. I think it's time to put Penny Lee down for a nap.

Today is Love Your Toilet Cleaner Day!!

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