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Things to do...

...with your husband's razor while he's at work!!

That's Jino's new cat bed. It's a little too furry after the felting, so it's getting a good shave. I think she likes it. I should hope so, I spent my afternoon at the laundromat trying to get it right. I washed it three times. I also washed my cute little clutch purse made out of Kool Aid dyed wool leftovers.

Also featured are some really neat books my mom sent me. I left the others out in the car, and I'm too busy shaving the cat bed and zippering my purse and starting dinner to go get them. I love books. I think I now officially collect knitting books. Click here to see what was inside one of them. Yes, there at the bottom, that's a match. Mom, were you reading this in the bathroom?

Here is the last thing I felted. One lady in my knitting class made one, and we just got in yarn for the other lady to start hers.

Note: If you do your felting with towels, make sure none of them were the one you used to catch hair when you last cut your husband's hair. You WILL get a hairy felted litle purse, and you will have to sit there and PICK EACH HAIR OUT until it's perfect.

Cupcake, how I love thee