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Cupcake, how I love thee

I had two tests today, and now I had the test-adrenaline-letdown and the Friday afternoon sleepies. How I coveted the coke machine with it bubbly, caffienated goodness, and I despaired when I saw that the snack machine was completely empty. When I went to pick up a time card to fill it out, joy of joys!! My club (Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the Geology honors society) was having a bake sale! I wasn't able to participate (tests and all) but hey, I can sure help by eating!! Lo and behold, there was even cash in my wallet!! I stared at the baked goods offered (someone stole my sugar cookie idea, the frosted bastards) and came upon my one true love: cupcakes. From a box. With canned frosting. It's a good thing I didn't volunteer to watch the table, as my PMS and tiredness induced dementia would have forced me to eat all the cupcakes. All of them, I tell you, ALL OF THEM!!

My dementia forced me to do something else yesterday...I purchased pure alpaca yarn that I've never felt or met in person. For a sweater that scares the crap out of me. But it was such a good sale!! One day, Mike will come home to find me dead in front of the computer, with cupcake wrappers strewn about the house, my knitting in my lap, debit card in hand, with a smile on my face. Or probably leaned over the toilet, throwing up because I think that damn cupcake just gave me a stomache ache. Tengo dolor de estomago.

In the mean time, this is my next yarn purchase because I must have a felting project going on at all times!! I think I got some lint in my nose, and it's blocking off brain function to everything but the knitting and cupcake eating parts. I think I want to dye this bag black cherry Kool Aid. Because two projects for the price of one is sooo much like cupcake crack.

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