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Upping the ante

I got my alpaca in the mail today. I carried it around in its box this afternoon, and petted a skein during education class. I made everyone feel it. Pure magnificence, I tell you!

So, as soon as I got home, after dinner, I swatched. I need 4.5 st/inch. I tried size 7. Nope. 6 st/inch. I tried 9's. Nope. 5.5. 10's? Nope. Still 5.5. Double strand? Ah, yes, that's it...wait! I can only make half a sweater with a double strand! Quick! Has Elann sold out of it yet? No?! Only 14 skeins left?! SWEET! Until...wait...um...that's another...well...that's more money. But it feels so nice....

I had to call Mike, my enabler, who is such a good boy, he's off studying philosophy with Egypt. He said yes!! But now I am extra broke. Mike said that maybe that was a good thing. Only problem is, I don't have the needles for the sweater. I guess I'll have to wait till Friday (payday!) to buy them. But then nothing else, not until the sweater is done.

Here is a little over half the yarn for the sweater. It's already given me a yarn ulcer. And the double stranded swatch. I think I'll work on this pretty dedicatedly after I finish Mike's sweater and other small things, like mittens.

Would you like to see why Mike's enabling me so well? Here's Bandelier to give you a hint. We had Egypt and Jessi over for dinner on Saturday, and Bandelier (my Mozilla Firefox) on Firefox looking at other firefoxes. I think he's lonely. Actually, I think we're all pretty geeky. Anyways, for the hint, Mike is gettting a laptop for graduation. It should be here next week. And yes, Mike signed the papers today for emergency hire to IT Specialist (until December, when he gets to be Big Bad Programmer Guy, he needs his degree for that) and wow. Busy semester.

Speaking of which, I should be doing my genetics homework. I have a test on Thursday. I'm such a bad girl. Oh, oh, but I do have to gloat, I *did* program in HTML on this entry!! I feel extra geeky today!

I am so awesome!!

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