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Supporting the local economy

Today, I took my knitting class to Mill Canyon Wool Processing. When we drove up, I was kind of surprised, because they redid their store front and the store itself. They got some really nice natural lighting (makes the yarn POP!) and some better organization. I was so excited to get inside that I forgot to take a picture. And when I got inside, the yarn dazzled me, so I didn't take a picture of the store part. And when we left, I had yarn in my hot little hands, so I again forgot to take a picture of the front. Maybe next month, as I plan on going back soon. I need to buy some dye. Why go Kool Aid when you can go cool? Besides, I like the colors they could get with their dyes better. Of course, the lady that does the dyeing has a PhD in textiles, and has been doing that stuff for 25 years....I so went to the wrong school. Maybe a degree change is in order? Oh yeah, the tour!

Here's the carder, spitting out yummy, mohairy goodness. (This stuff felt like a million bucks!! My knees almost buckled, it was so soft.) Here's a closeup of the roving coming out. It's being drafted at the same time as it's being condensed. Roving gets turned into plies. Front of the plying machine. Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for....plying the yarn!

Many thanks to Steve, our benevolent tour guide, sheep growing type person and yarn maker.

Maybe this was the moment you were waiting for...to see the yarn I bought!!

Here is a closeup...see those little flecks? Those are silk flecks. Oh yeah. I love being me. The only way life could be better would be if I had a cupcake.

Upping the ante

Cupcake, how I love thee