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Daily Fiber

You know, I hardly go a week without some fantastic (to me) fiber revelation. Two weeks ago it was the sheer luxury that is alpaca, last week it was the complete awesomeness of a spinning wheel, and this week it is Cascade 220. This is an excellent felting yarn (or so I've been told) but 100% wool at 220 yards, for 7 dollars, this stuff is mega soft! With great color combos. I almost cursed when I stuck my hand in my little white Jimmy Beans Wool shipping envelope and pulled out yet another handful of something I must have more of. (By the way, I highly endorse any business coming out of Nevada, especially if they have good shipping practices, i.e., USPS. Cheap and fast. Another good place is Angelika's Yarn Store. Oregon. Must go there one day.)

Speaking of the Fiber Arts Guild...I went to the monthly meeting last Saturday. I was there all of 10 minutes and I already knew I had to join. I was the youngest there, and most of the ladies had spinning wheels or at least yarn in their stash that they posessed for longer than I have been alive. But they were all so friendly!! One lady was a little skittish at first, but after I mentioned swiss chard and rhubarb, we were off and running. She grew prize winning swiss chard for the county fair, and she hates the stuff. And she admitted that sometimes, she makes a frozen pizza. She opened up that much. So, 15 minutes into the meeting, I was already co-secretary. One lady handles the note taking, etc., and I will do the technological stuff, like digital pictures at the meetings and setting up the yahoo group things. I might even enlist the help of the big web site designer in my house to help me set up a web site, too. I learned how to use a drop spindle almost expertly, and fell in love with 2 spinning wheels. One would fit better in my house than the other would, but the other one is SO PRETTY. I have my co-secretary looking for used ones in the Albuquerque spinner's guild newsletter.

In other news, I took my Genetics test yesterday, and I spanked it like a bad bad donkey, okay? (you have to say that last bit in a good shrimpy kind of voice, ala Muppets from Space.) So last night, I played The Sims 2 for 5 hours while Mike was on a Halo 2 hunting expedition. All I have to say is wow, I think we're getting an X Box. Like we need more games to play.

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