These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

When school and hobbies collide

This is what my DNA looks like. I am made out of chocolate and yarn...that's why I need so much of both. This is what happens when you leave Penny at home with yarn and a genetics book.

Before you get picky about bonding and such, look a bit closer. Peanuts are pyrimidines, plains are purines, and minis are phosphates. Note the awesome sugar phosphate backbone. Yes, I know there are 10 nuceltodie pairs per turn, I didn't have enough M&Ms to make it exactly to scale. Those little fun size bags are chintzy. Maybe this explains why I like bright colors.

And my couch, where I've been studying for 5 days. And knitting, too. I sat on the other couch to play some Final Fantasy Tactics. The coffee table is usually much messier, but I had to clear it off so that I could make some DNA.

Daily Fiber

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