These pages are full of what makes Penny Penny. Lots of crafts, rants, and fan girling.

Sorry sir, we're out of elbow grease, can I interest you in some knee grease instead?

I cleaned out the shower stall this morning. Those of you with hard water issues and inflexible shower doors will feel sympathy for me. Comet, a bristle brush, and about 20 minutes...and now I'm clean out of elbow grease. Mike's not doing too much better, I think he ran out of knuckle grease redesigning my website. So, what do you guys think? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page, show Mike some love. (Don't worry, he's not running out.)

There are some things I'd like to show you. My inherent nerdiness, for example. Things that I think are supremely funny.

Darth Vader rides Fluffy (from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) on our printer. Can there be anything scarier than a Sith Lord riding a three headed dog? I didn't think so.

R2D2 plugging into the "Imperial" network. Mike's made a lot of funny jokes about needing Windows drivers, etc., that I've forgotten. That red thing is my flash drive. I love technology. For those of you that don't know what those are, it's a removeable hard drive that plugs into your USB ports, or in our house, a USB hub. Millions times better than a floppy, zip disc or CD.

This was Mike programming my website this morning. I had to wipe a gallon of Comet off my hands so I could grab the camera and snap this. I did not set this up. This is how Mike programs.

My most recent hair. I've been thinking about starting a weekly event on this blog, Freaky Hair Fridays. But I think I'm almost done, I need to let my hair recover so I can do more fun things to it.

I just asked Mike to make me a sandwich. He came into the office and said,"I almost made you an Atkins peanut butter and honey sandwich. I forgot the bread."

Quarter life crisis

The Grossest Sneeze Ever